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One of the difficult tasks that almost every educational establishment student has to complete is composing a paper. The essay expresses the author's own opinion on a specific occasion or issue, without claiming to be a complete interpretation. Such a written work is somewhere between a scientific article and a small paper-opinion. It does not require such a strict narrative as a report. The manner of presentation of such work takes the middle place between the scientific and journalistic style. When creating a paper, you can embed quotes in the text, provided that their volume does not exceed 1/3 of the volume of the text of the entire work. This means that the paper involves working with literature and acquaintance with different opinions on the topic under consideration.

To write a paper, there is no need to fully disclose the question, it is enough just to state your own attitude to the problem in question, backed up with relevant quotes.

Such a task involves the presentation of student’s own opinion on a particular issue, but this should also completely preserve the scientific part of the work. This is a kind of balancing between artistic and scientific work. The complexity of the paper also lies in the fact that the work must have a large percentage of uniqueness; therefore, it will not be possible to write off a task from a random book or an Internet resource.

At first glance it may seem that such a small work (and in terms of the volume of a paper is approximately 3-5 pages), is not very difficult, however, creation of it causes to students no less problems than a graduation paper, a test or a coursework.

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There are various reasons why a student cannot cope with work:

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Any of these reasons can be a serious obstacle to completing a paper and adversely affect the performance of the subject for the entire semester. It will be very disappointing if one subject, with which the student is not friendly enough, spoils the overall picture of academic performance.

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Reasons for looking for a custom research paper helper.

Research paper is a small volume of independent study of a student studying at a university or college. Work is made in a written form, and depending on the discipline, and may be accompanied by drawings, graphs, calculations, tables, diagrams.

The research paper reflects the modern theoretical and practical knowledge on a given topic, justified its relevance and significance. The presentation of different points of view is highly appreciated. All the research papers are written using proper scientific language, in the business style of presentation, no spelling, and punctuation, semantic, logical errors are allowed.

Completion of a research paper is one of the ways to consolidate the knowledge gained in the discipline through their practical use. The student independently selects materials, performs his/her research, the results of which are formatted according to an established pattern. The exchange rate is usually 25-30 printed pages. The research paper has a certain structure (it may vary depending on the educational institution):

  • Standard cover page (using APA, MLA, Harvard standards of formatting).
  • A brief introduction that reveals the relevance of the study, its essence, object, subject, tasks.
  • The main part, including theoretical and practical sections. The theoretical material should be based on reputable sources. The practical part stems from the theoretical aspects of the study.
  • Conclusion – here the student summarizes his research and performance of the task.
  • References (credible peer reviewed articles and books with relevant and contemporary research information.
  • Appendixes (optional).

All the above mentioned proves that creating a research paper is not an easy task for a student. One should follow the requirements very strictly and not to lose any details, otherwise, the consequences may be quite unpleasant. Each institution sets their own rules and demands for a research paper creations, however, one of the most common ones is the anti-plagiarism request. Academic dishonesty leads to serious results to a student, as it is a violation of educational standards. A student who decided to cheat and to simply plagiarize the assignment may be even expelled from the institution. Considering all this, we offer you our services to make you feel comfortable and assured in your good grades without unwilling consequences and stressful times. Our service suggests you professional help with your research project to save your time and nerves.

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