Romeo & Juliet Essay


Conflict in Romeo & Juliet Essay

Shakespeare uses the quote, “The quarrel is between our masters.” Used for Benvolio in the opining scene to show peace and fairness. “Put up your swords!” is the quote The Playwright uses for Benvolio to show fairness when he is talking to Tybalt in the opening scene. Tybalt's quotation is, “Turn thee Benvolio and look upon thy death.” Shakespeare uses that to show hate towards the Montagues. Shakespeare uses the quote, “Peace, put up your swords.” For Benvolio, to show fairness when he is on stage.

Tybalt's dramatic interaction to Benvolio “Peace, peace, I hate the word” showing hate. “Throw your mistempered weapons to the ground!” The Playwright use for Escales to show balance and he is trying to keep the peace. “If ever you disturb the quiet of our street again, you will pay with your lives.” Shakespeare makes Escales say to show balance. “Romeo uses dialogue to show peace. “Brawling love, loving hate, misshapen chaos.” Shakespeare also makes him say “Sad hours seem long.” To show he is in love with Rosaline.

“She will not be hit with Cupid's arrow.” The Playwright uses this quote for Romeo to show love. Lady Capulet's dramatic interaction to Juliet in the scene before the party is, “The valiant Paris seeks you for his love.” This equals power because they want the two families's to join together. Shakespeare uses the quote “I look to like is looking liking moves.” This shows personal freedom for Juliet and that she is in the renaissance world. “Seek happy nights, to happy days.” Used for The Nurse by Shakespeare to represent love just before the party.

The Dramatist uses the dialogue For Mercutio. “If love be rough with you be rough with love.” This Represents loyalty to Romeo before the party. Mercutio's quote to Romeo is “Dreamers always lie.” This is Shakespeare showing loyalty just before the party. “While asleep, dreaming things true.” Shakespeare uses that dialogue for Romeo to Mercutio before the party. Just before Romeo goes into the party Mercutio's dramatic interaction to him is, “I talk of dreams which are the children of idle.” This represents loss by Shakespeare.

In the party Tybalt says, “By the honour of my kin, I swear to strike him dead.” This shows hate against Romeo. The quote, “This is that villain Romeo.” Is used by Shakespeare to show hate when Tybalt talks to his uncle. Shakespeare uses the quote, “It will be endured.” When Lord Capulet talks to Tybalt about Romeo this represents honour. “Make a Mutiny among my guests.” Is the dialogue Shakespeare uses on stage for Lord Capulet to Tybalt in the party shows honour and he doesn't want to start a fight.

Romeo says “Did my heart love till now?” is what dialogue Shakespeare uses for him when he leaves the stage after seeing Juliet for the first time, this represents love. The Playwright uses the quote “For I never saw true beauty till this night.” For Romeo at the party just after he sees Juliet, this shows love. “Madame your mother craves a word with you.” Is the quote Shakespeare uses for the nurse to Juliet when she intervenes her and Romeo. Shakespeare's uses the quote “Is she a Capulet?” used for Romeo to show the audience that he is in love but he can't be.

The nurse to Juliet “His name is Romeo, he is a Montague” showing to the audience that they can't love each other. “My only love sprung from my only hate.” Is the quotation used by Shakespeare for Juliet about Romeo after the party. Tybalt's quotation is “I will withdraw for now.” The Dramatist uses this on stage so the audience knows it's over for now at the end of the party. Juliet's dialogue is “Deny thy farther, defuse thy name. It is my name that is the enemy” showing she is in love with Romeo but she can't be.

“Be some other name” is the quotation the Playwright uses for Juliet after the party about Romeo. “Stones can't hold love out & what love can do.” Is the dialogue the Dramatist constructs for Romeo when he is on stage talking about Juliet. Shakespeare uses the quotation for Friar Laurence “Turn your household ranker into pure love” showing peace & unity in the church to Romeo on stage. Mercutio's quote to Romeo on Stage after the party “Will you come to your Father's. This represents loss by Shakespeare.

The nurse's dramatic interaction with Romeo is “Don't lead her to a fools paradise” so the audience knows he actually wants to marry her. The nurse's quotation to Juliet, “There is a husband to make you a wife” this represents love by Shakespeare when they are on stage. Shakespeare uses the quotation “lets retire, if we meet we will not escape a brawl to Mercutio when him and Benvolio are on stage and the Capulets arrive in the scene. Tybalt's dialogue when they see the Montagues is “Here comes my man” when he sees Romeo walking towards him. The Playwright uses this to show hate.

“Thow are a villain” is the quotation Shakespeare uses for Tybalt to Romeo when they are talking this enforces hate. When Tybalt and Romeo start fighting Tybalt's dramatic interaction to him is “Turn & draw!” because he wants a fair fight. Shakespeare uses the quote for Mercutio to everyone “A plague on both your houses!” to show loss for both family's when he is dying. Shakespeare shows love with the quotation “Give me my Romeo” for Juliet after Mercutio's death.

Hate to Tybalt from Romeo is represented by Shakespeare with the quote “Either thow or I or both must go with him!” when they are fighting after Mercutio's death. The Playwright uses Romeo and the quotation “I am fortunes fall!” after he kills Tybalt which show he believes in fate. “Romeo is banished!” is the quotation Shakespeare uses for Escales when Tybalt dies. Lord Capulet's dramatic interaction to Lady Capulet after Tybalt's death is “We were born to die” showing honour.

“Proud can I never be of what I hate.”Is the quotation The Playwright uses for Juliet to highlight her personal freedom. Power is shown by Shakespeare with Lord Capulet and the quotation “Do not answer me” when he is on stage. “Disobedient rat!” is the dialogue The Dramatist uses for Lord Capulet to enforce hate on Juliet.

Shakespeare uses the quote “Get thee to church on Thursday or never look me in the face” for Lord Capulet to show power. “I will give you to my friend” is the quotation Shakespeare uses for Lord Capulet to show power at the end of the argument with Juliet. “Farewell.” Is the quotation Shakespeare uses for Juliet just before she drinks the poison. Balthazar says to Romeo “Her body lies in chapel monument” showing loyalty by telling him about Juliet.

Shakespeare uses the quotation “Juliet I will lie with thee tonight” for Romeo after Balthazar's dialogue to him. “Take my last embrace” is the quotation The Playwright uses for Romeo just before he takes the poison to show personal freedom. Shakespeare's final quotation for Romeo is “With a kiss I die” when he dies after Juliet kisses him. The final quotation The Playwright uses is “All are punished!” for Escales which shows balance in the final scene in the Romeo & Juliet play.