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Thesis Statement: What is it?

It is the core idea of your work. Usually expressed in one or couple phrases, it reflects the sense of your essay. Its purpose is to draw attention to your issue and determine the key points of further text.

Please, give us enough correct data.

A good impartial thesis statement consists of:

  • concisely formulated topic,
  • logical conclusion,
  • the first and best argument,
  • additional evidence,
  • counterargument.

Recommendations on how to use our tool efficiently:

  1. put short phrases instead of long sentences;
  2. avoid punctuation marks;
  3. push the button when all the fields are filled out;
  4. analyze and choose the best thesis statement from among several variants;
  5. try it one more time if necessary, it’s free.

A thesis statement generator is a helpful tool for students who struggle to create a strong thesis statement for their academic writing assignments. Whether it's an argumentative essay, persuasive essay, or a compare and contrast essay, a thesis statement maker can provide the writer with a clear and concise main argument. In critical writing assessment cases, a strong thesis statement is crucial to clearly convey precisely what the essay is about. It serves as the topic sentence for the entire essay and should show examples of all the main points discussed in the concluding paragraph. With a few words, a thesis statement generator can help students master the art of creating a precise and strong thesis statement for any type of academic writing.

  • Reasons to try thesis generator:

    • FREE of charge for everyone
    • Understands your topic and arguments
    • A huge database of phrases inside
    • Established by professional writers
    • Powered by the modern AI
  • Our statement generator for your:

    • Effective thesis statements
    • Instant results
    • Unlimited numbers of tries
    • Inspiration and practical usage
    • Risk-free online experience

Generate your thesis statement online: How it works

We advise you to use this tool when the main parts of your paper are ready. Even if they are still not written, you need to ponder over all the essential points in advance.

  • 1. The first field is for your topic. Please, write down the core message of your paper here.

    2. The second box is for the conclusion. Tell us about your findings and the results of the research.

    3. Explain the main argument proving your suggestion.

    4. Enter the minor argument supporting your idea.

  • 5. Are there any counterarguments against your conclusion? Select the strongest one.

    6. Press the button and check out the results.

    7. You can come back to the first step and repeat everything. The number of attempts is unlimited.

Helpful tip: Please, do not use capital letters at the beginning of your answers in fields 2, 3, 4, and 5. Thus, our tool will generate a maximum precise answer.

Thesis generator: Why use it?

This instrument will formulate the core idea of your paper in one instant. With its help, you will save time, discover some fresh insights, and receive an interesting experience of using AI technologies.

  • Receive a ready-made phrase for your thesis statement

    If our algorithm gets a clear idea of your issue, you'll receive an awesome result. It is about a perfectly composed sentence reflecting the core message of your paper and supported by your chosen arguments. It can also contain the mentioned counterargument.

    Get inspired by the offered thesis statements

    This AI-based thesis generator still cannot compete with humans. If the generated sentence is not perfect enough, simply take it as a starting point for your future ideas. The results of this tool contain the necessary elements, yet they might require improvements.

  • ★ Save your time

    It might take you several hours to build a convincing thesis statement. It is because one has to express the core thought in one or two sentences. Sometimes you simply cannot pick the necessary words, so this generator is right for you.

    ★ Total safety

    As an experienced online agency, we never forget about respect for your data. Absolute confidentiality and a safe online environment are guaranteed. We promise no spam and other misuses of private information and email address, in particular.

It costs you nothing to apply this tool. And you receive some successful thesis statements for your projects. Try it now and share your impressions on the live chat!

What inspired us to establish the thesis statement program?

  • Writing and editing is our profession, and we constantly deal with a bunch of content in various fields. This job is mainly about research, reflections, idea generation, and composing texts, and we really like doing it.

  • Today, we notice that some actions can be successfully automated. For instance, programs can analyze particular information and provide valuable insights on its basis. So why not use analytical opportunities of AI to generate your thesis statement? Encouraged by this thought, we have established our online tool.

Have you already tried our thesis statement generator? Please, tell us what you liked and which moments should be improved. Your feedback inspires us to move forward — contact us on the chat!

Online statement generator: When to apply it?

Users push our "generate thesis" button for many reasons. This tool can come in handy to compose one informative phrase based on several thoughts. A thesis statement is not always only about serious scientific projects. Whenever you wish to summarize your suggestions in a logical sentence, this tool is quite useful.

  • • Compose an argumentative thesis statement for your academic project

    The value of scientific and research papers lies in innovativeness. Your purpose as an author is to prove the significance of particular suggestions, and it all begins with a convincing thesis statement. This sentence succinctly demonstrates your opinion, and we are here to help you formulate it.

    • A generator of random ideas

    If you have writer's block, this instrument can suggest an idea. It activates and guides your flow of thoughts. When you answer the given questions on the general topic, arguments, and counterarguments, your brain finds new solutions and wordings.

  • • Formulate a short synopsis for your creative texts

    Be it an essay, story, or blog article, you might need a short phrase describing your personal position on the issue. And it can be easily generated with the help of this tool. Try our instrument to make a sample of a short-and-to-the-point synopsis.

    And what is your reason for using this thesis statement generator? Please, tell us about it on the chat.

Thesis statements for your various college assignments

Both state and private schools set strict rules for contemporary students. And a brilliantly composed thesis statement is among them. Fortunately, today, one can use our awesome instrument to come up with a successful phrase.

  • For example, our users usually create thesis statements for such college projects:

    • argumentative essay,
    • research paper,
    • term paper, etc.
  • A high school essay can also become more compelling with a good thesis statement. We can claim with confidence that our generator works well for the thesis on any subject. One can apply this tool to any text where a concise formulation of the main idea is needed.

Our company is constantly working on the improvements of our online instruments and service, in general. Save this web page to your bookmarks — learn about our new instruments or order professional writing assistance here.

How to work with the thesis statement tool effectively?

Our program is quite effective and convenient to use. If you want to take the best from it, please, formulate your request correctly and input information without spelling mistakes.

  • Decide on your topic

    The thesis statement is a crucial part of your paper. Hence, there should be no inconsistencies between the topic and the written text.

    Choose the first argument correctly

    You can use two or more facts supporting the central idea of your project. Please, pick the best one of them, and our program will focus on it. The main information has to go first.

  • Formulate the second argument

    One can mention additional evidence that supports the core message. It could be one or several facts.

    Stay concise

    Please, remember that the final result implies only one or two sentences. So do not type long tricky phrases, avoid tautologies and duplications.

What online instruments would you else like to see among our tools? Please, share your ideas with us on the chat — drop us a line.

FAQ on thesis statements and our generator

We are quite good professionals in everything concerning academic texts, creative texts, and business content. Successful practical background and wide theoretical knowledge enable us to give helpful explanations on the thesis statement and its generator.

If you have any questions, please, ask them on the chat. The support managers work day and night for your convenience.

  • What if the online thesis statement creator does not help?

    It happens that the result looks weird, yet you can improve them. Please, try the tool once again and paraphrase sentences in your input fields. Check if you begin the line with a little letter, avoid grammar mistakes, do not use commas at the end of phrases, and be concise.

    What if you want more than a thesis generator?

    A good essay is based on a successful thesis statement, yet it never stops at it. Luckily, our website specializes in all types of writing and editing assistance. Please, send us your assignment, and we'll do it with skill. And of course, the thesis statement will be brilliantly composed, just like the whole text of your project.

    While we cannot fully predict the success of AI-generated text, we guarantee impeccable writing and editing services. Our team has enough professional capacity and practical experience to give such bold promises. Learn more about our opportunities on the live chat!

  • What's the main idea of a good thesis statement? Expert view

    We believe a successful thesis statement is one that fully reveals the central thought of your text and provides the strongest argument in its support. It also can include a counterargument. The main thing, it should be a concise and informative phrase.

    The thesis statement draws attention to the purpose of your project and significantly determines its success. This sentence is enough to understand if your story is worth reading. Hence, it should be thoughtfully composed.

    Our thesis statement generator can demonstrate several good examples. Or you can order a writing service here.

We sincerely wish this free thesis statement generator to help with your project. Let's continue our cooperation: writing and editing services are also available here. We are always glad to contribute to our client's success — stay with us, sign in now!