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Writing prompt tool: How to use it?

Welcome to the site where you can finally receive valuable ideas for your brightest writing projects. Broaden creative horizons and overcome writer's block with us. This prompt generator is easy and convenient —let's get started!

  • 1. Choose the category of topics.

    Our database has millions of ideas, so let's narrow the search. If you do not find the necessary topic on the list, please, pick the closest one to your theme.

    2. Press the button "Generate."

  • 3. Read the generated tip and repeat step #2 if you need one more variant.

    4. Let our idea become the starting point for your successful story!

    5. Contact us on the chat if you have any issues or suggestions on our tool. We appreciate your feedback!

I've got a writing tip. What is next?

So, you have created a couple of variants for your future piece of writing. Now you can start establishing the plan, develop every thought, and compose the whole text. It might sound tedious, thus, we've prepared several additional services for you.

  • Order our writing assistance

    No generators will create good stories for you. And we can do it with skill and passion. Hire our writers for any type of text: academic assignments, creative essays, research-based reports, etc. Our writing services include research of your topic and composing the text according to your requirements.

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  • Try our editing help

    If you are not an experienced writer and doubt your essay, please, hire our editor. He/she will thoroughly check every character, word, and sentence. Depending on the genre, our assistant can also give you experience-based suggestions on characters, plot development, stylistic nuances, etc.

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Discover new story ideas with our writing prompt generator!

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Writing prompts: When to use them?

Add this awesome tool to your bookmarks — it will help you in various situations. Here are several practical cases on how to apply our writing prompt generator.

  • Start your text with this writing prompt

    The tip generated by this tool can be so successful that you can use it as the first line. Simply copy and paste it into the beginning of your future story.

    Writing prompts for any episodes of your plot

    If you are stuck with any stage of your story, our tool is just what you need. Check the possible variants for your scenario with its help. Discover how the new book chapter can sound.

    A source of inspiration: endless number of story ideas

    While human intelligence is restricted with brain capacity, our writing prompt generator offers an impressive number of good ideas. It is because we effectively use opportunities of contemporary technologies, and AI, in particular.

  • Train creative and writing skills

    One can try our online instrument unlimitedly. Every time you click the button "Generate" you see a fresh thought on the given topic. The constant use of this prompt generator makes you see the issue from a new angle.

    Just for fun

    We must confess that sometimes our team members take this writing prompt generator as a kind of entertainment. Indeed, it's fascinating to find so many ideas in every category of topics. Seems like you brainstorm many experts on the given theme, and you could do it right now.

Have you already tried our online tool? Please, share your experience with our support manager. Your feedback inspires us to create new solutions for learners and authors. Contact us on the chat.

Beat the writer's block with us

The world of creativity can be tricky. Sometimes it seems that your imagination is over, and you have no clue where to begin. In this case, our writing prompts can come in handy.

  • Any genre of creative writing

    Most often writing prompts are requested by users that have issues with fiction and fantasy. These styles require a vivid imagination and endless creative skills. If you lack insights, just choose your category and click the button "Generate."

    The format of a short story

    Despite a concise text, a short novel can be difficult to compose. One must pick one successful plotline, and herein lies the main pitfall. Do not stop at one random story idea — create a list of several variants, and select the most suitable one.

  • Essays for college students

    The essay has already become a popular exercise for modern learners. It might seem that professors want you to create serious plots and be good at all academic genres. We are here to help you with that. Let's begin with the generation of ideas for your papers. And if they are not enough for you, we would like to offer writing and editing skills too.

    Topics for your academic projects

    It might be challenging to decide on the title for your academic report. We do not want you to stop at this stage for a long time. Use our instrument and formulate the heading on the basis of the offered recommendations. Our answers reflect the contemporary picture of life, so you'll find only relevant pieces of advice.

Let your story begin right here and right now. Use the opportunities of our prompt generator — click the button.


Idea and plot generator for everyone

We are glad to be helpful for users across the globe. This writing prompt generator has already established itself as a versatile online instrument bringing good suggestions and ready-made solutions for your texts. The most popular categories of our customers include:

  • • aspiring authors;

    • students and pupils;

  • • content writers and bloggers;

    • scriptwriters.

We would like to see you among our regular users too. Please, try our tool or order writing service!

Writing prompts generator: How it goes

You select the necessary category of topics and receive a bunch of variants on what to write in your essay. It is even better than Google because our answers are more insightful, precise, and convenient to use. We did serious work to build one of the most effective generators.

  • Research-based results

    Nobody needs random writing prompts. We realize that chaotically composed sentences have no point for the contemporary user. That is why our employees have analyzed the most common users' requests and systemized them into categories.

    Hand-picked answers

    Since we're professional writers and editors, it was easy and fun for us to compose answers to most of the above requests. Our ideas are based on our professional experience and reliable data resources. We have a way with words, so our specialists have composed short-and-to-the-point suggestions. The success of our writing prompt generator is mainly due to these unique phrases.

    AI-based technologies

    Modern writing prompt generators work better when artificial intelligence helps them. That is why our app developers tried their best to embed such algorithms in our program. This approach has enabled us to increase the number of the offered suggestions. We want to use maximum contemporary opportunities to come up with the best solutions for our clients.

  • • Convenient interface

    Everything is simple and clear on this website: the visual appearance of the menu, functionality of online tools, the convenience of online chat, etc.

    We're sure you won't have any questions concerning our generators. Still, if you have any questions, a polite support manager is ready to explain everything.

    We regularly update the database of prompts

    Inspired by modern fiction, famous bloggers, talented researchers, insightful reporters, etc., our team constantly updates phrases for this tool. The world moves on, so does our company. We are in constant search for new thoughts, reflections, and solutions. As a result, you receive up-to-date recommendations on what to write.

Whether you need a fresh thought or a shiny ready-made text, you're in the right place. Trust our professionals!

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