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Inborn talent is never enough to become a successful writer. Hard work and self-development are of greater importance. So, for this post, we have gathered the most effective recommendations on how to begin writing more effectively. Everything you need to boost the process of creating texts is carefully analyzed by our experts and systemized here. Whether you are a student or the author of creative projects, you will definitely find something useful in this article.

service aimed to help you awaken the imagination

Even gifted people encounter writer's block from time to time, and it is absolutely normal. The point is to know the methods on how to unlock your creativity. Learn from our professionals — they are ready to reveal some of their secrets and sources of inspiration.

We are lucky to live in the world of awesome technologies. Indeed, artificial intelligence can replace the muse in many situations.

Our writers like using this software to search for new ideas. Let's take the word "writer," for instance. As we see, the program offers a lot of associations for it.


Its results are not only about synonyms. Related topics offered by this program can also spark a thought. This tool is often used in our writing practice, as it gives a bunch of ideas in a second.


When we have writer's block and do not even know where to start, Alsoasked.com can help a lot. It offers questions on our topic, and our writers use some of them as points of the future plan. Conveniently, issues are systemized in groups.


Even professionals in writing can face issues with tautologies. It seems that some terms do not have analogs, yet you can always check it in one of the online programs. For instance, Thesaurus.com is a good variant. It demonstrates a range of synonyms starting from the most relevant word. Besides, this instrument offers a Dictionary explaining the meanings of phrases.

Apart from the fast search for equivalents, you constantly broaden your vocabulary. The thing is you see a lot of words and remember some of them unwittingly.

verdict from our expert writers

Essay writing is easier if you leverage modern applications. You do not need to waste time on selecting good words and formulating new ideas. But remember about two sides of the coin. Our writers have determined the following merits and drawbacks of AI-driven tools.


  • free to use,
  • give a big number of ideas (including unexpected ones),
  • save time.


  • results are not always relevant,
  • might distract from the main topic.

Obviously, one should not fully rely on such AI-driven programs. Writing-help.org recommends you analyze their results carefully.

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resources for your creative essay writing


It is awesome that famous educational platforms give an opportunity to receive knowledge for free. Yes, unlike fee-based courses, they do not imply consultations and certificates. Yet can this fact stop you from learning? If you want to unlock your creativity and start writing essays better, choose one of their free programs.

Do not worry about the current level of your writing skills. They have offers for beginners and experienced authors.

Here are some more writing courses that cost you nothing:

Apart from providing writing help, professional writers often share their advice on blogs. For them, it is a sort of advertising. Meanwhile, you can heed their recommendations, as they are experience-based:

Helpful hint: It is tedious to monitor all the articles on your favorite websites 24/7. So just subscribe to them. Thus, you receive an email announcing what articles have been published.

If you want to learn the latest trends and events about writing, monitor the news. We have selected some famous portals sharing them.

Question-answer platforms are also useful to learn helpful tips on writing from both students and professional writers.

For instance, in Quora, you can choose topics you like, subscribe to them, ask questions, exchange experiences, etc. Say, you want to learn as much as possible about "English essay writing." Input these words, and you will see discussions on them.

If you cannot find an informative answer to your question, create your own new question and wait for the reply.

Video lessons have become popular among students lately. It is because they are evocative and understandable. For now, you can find videos for practically every paper you require to write.

Here are some popular channels:

Our writer's opinion

The knowledge is getting closer to everyone who is interested in it. Make sure, you do not have to pay a high price for courses and other sources of ideas anymore. You can always find free high-quality information on the Internet.

service to improve your grammar

As a rule, students compose texts for research papers in Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Still, these programs are not always enough to check grammar.

Obviously, English spelling and punctuation require attention; especially when it deals with academic writing. To avoid a big number of mistakes and typos, you can use modern programs.


This software has an extension for Google, which is convenient for work with Google Docs, email letters, online programs, etc. Its AI is effective enough to detect wrong words, incorrect sentences, tautologies, stylistic imperfections, and other weak places in your documents. Conveniently, the basic functions are free.

You can adjust this program to your needs by setting appropriate functions. For instance, it deals with the type of English language (UK, Canadian, US, Australian), the goal of your text, adding words to the personal dictionary, and many more.

It is helpful for:

  • school essay writing,
  • college paper writing,
  • emails and messages,
  • blog posts, etc.

However, do not follow all the suggestions from Grammarly blindly, as it does not give guaranteed perfect results. Its AI might not know all the professional terms of your research paper. And it can be challenging to catch the humor of your creative writing.

The main advantage: Grammarly shortens the writing process significantly (corrects mistakes and offers synonyms at once, online).


The application named after a gifted writer checks the readability of your text. By detecting wrong adverbs, too long sentences, passive voice, and other nuances, it highlights weak places and shows correct variants.

Pay attention, your goal is not to earn 10 points here. The lower your score is, the better your writing style is.

Expert tip: Combine several instruments for the best effect. For instance, students can write the text in Hemingwayapp and, meantime, use Google extension of Grammarly. By doing so, you get a more objective evaluation of your papers.

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writing help for a foreign student

Learners, whose native language is not English, require additional assistance with translation and explanations of words. We do not advise using Google Translate, as its results are not precise enough, especially in terms of grammar.

Actually, it is our essay writer's choice. This program gives a wide range of variants to translate your word or phrase. We like that it shows cases when the particular term is used.

This system is self-learning, so you can suggest your variants of translation and, thus, contribute to its development.

Alongside translations, Reverso can help you with English synonyms and definitions of specific words.

When working on your essay, you might doubt the sense of the particular word. Trust reliable websites to check its meaning. Thus, Cambridge Dictionary is an affordable and time-tested website.

Apart from giving explanations of words, this modern tool also offers engaging games and quizzes to learn English. Besides, they have a blog devoted to writing.

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to polish writing skills?

The above recommendations are mainly about theory. Yet if you want to succeed in writing, practice matters a lot. For this purpose, one can use a web site publishing blogs. Show your texts on:

Posting articles on social media is also a good idea. All this helps you to:

  • hone writing skills,
  • take a look at how your texts sound,
  • receive feedback (including a professional opinion),
  • make a portfolio.

Theoretical knowledge does not have value if it is not applied in practice. Write something every day if you want to become a good author. These abilities come in handy for work with both academic papers and creative projects.

How to write good texts?

Obviously, the rules for creating texts vary depending on the sphere of their implementation. Our professional writers deal with content for both commercial goals and assignments in the educational sphere. We are glad to see high school and university students, as well as web site owners among our customers. This job experience enables us to share competent universal writing tips.

  • Relevance

    Everything you write must be meaningful and informative. Your text is a sort of the answer to a particular question. For instance, the value of term papers lies in innovativeness. Your professor expects to read well-thought-out findings on your subject matter.

    And the purpose of this blog post is to demonstrate effective writing tips to our client. We have tried to be of maximum usefulness to our customer and selected only those recommendations that really work.

  • Conciseness

    It is challenging to write short and to the point, especially, when your assignment is about many pages. Meantime, brevity is among the main features of a good text. It demonstrates the author's analytical skills and the talent to determine the most crucial facts in the huge flow of information.

  • Write for your reader

    When you do not even know where to start writing your text, think about its purpose. Well-written papers are those that give something valuable to the reader. In the case of serious academic level projects, it is about solving scientific, research, economical problems.

    And if you require content for the website or blog, consider your target audience and its pain points. Readers will appreciate your text if you show them how to handle their issues.

  • Follow the rules

    Modern writing tips are often about breaking the rules. Yet we emphasize that, above all, you have to learn generally accepted rules and standards. For instance, it deals with English grammar, formatting, logic of suggestions, building arguments, etc.

    Helpful hint from our essay author:

    Try to use a citation generator to simplify the process of adjusting your essay to a particular style. For instance, MyBib is a convenient variant. Supporting both PDF and URL formats, it is super easy and user-friendly. In order to receive the correct form of the citation, choose the source and the style. You can search for a book, publication, thesis, speech, and many more.

Here is how one of the results might look like.

  • And be bold to sound unique

    Being a writer is a vocation, and the mission is about conveying messages to readers. You might choose various genres and styles, meanwhile, uniqueness is always appreciated. Search for your own manner of self-presentation, and you will be remembered.

What if you still cannot cope with your text?

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