The Teenage Brain and the Effects of Drugs & Alcohol


The Teenage Brain and the Effects of Drugs & Alcohol"I am addicted to Meth right now. I am a high school senior. I cant really seek help because of what will happen to me if my parents were to find out. Started off snorting only, then it grew into smoking, to smoking & snorting every other day. To the people who say it is just stupid, and "just quit", it isn't that easy, Meth makes you feel better then anything, and you will never understand until it happens to you." Continue reading

The Individual and Society Essay


The Individual and Society EssayPower and knowledge, according to Foucault, are co-constitutive. Through knowledge, which it utilizes and reproduces, power recreates its own techniques and fields of action, including forms of discourse and pleasure. Power is relational to its historic time as an exercise that is in continuous transformation, as is knowledge, which can therefore never be neutral. The implementation of the prison system that occurred across the West during the eighteenth and ...Continue reading

Sociology of Genocide Essay


Sociology of Genocide EssayUnderstanding modernity is necessary to understanding genocide as the destruction of one group by another is contingent on the evolution of mass group identities based on absolute differences or similarities which individuals can align or distinguish themselves from. The evolution of these identities coincided with and was both the cause and product of the rise of the modern nation state and ethno nationalism, a phenomenon dating back only a couple of centuries. In Continue reading

Sociology Journal Essay


Sociology Journal EssaySociology attempts to help explain how we work as a whole. I find it interesting that it emerged during the 19th century as a result of the development of a changing world and the new institutions and phenomenon's that surrounded it. It is also interesting that theories constructed almost 200 years ago still have some relevance today and some of the movements such as trade unions still exist today, even if they are not as influential as before. Although the paradigmatic Continue reading

Sociology Essay on Simmel


Sociology Essay on SimmelSociology is an important study in any community. It helps us understand what makes a society work and what can lead to its downfall. It helps individuals investigate events in a society that can profoundly change it. In the field of sociology, there are a selected few that stand out that contributed great information, ideas, and theories that give people a better understanding of why they act a certain way around the people around them and how a society is viewed by Continue reading

Sociology Bureaucracy Essay


Sociology Bureaucracy EssayThis paper uses the metaphor of the organization as a bureaucracy/politics, culture and organism in order to further our understanding of the largest guerrilla group in Colombia, the FARC EP. Although these metaphors were developed in order to understand and increase the productivity of “legitimate” organizations I want to show the universality of these theories by looking at an organization that has criminal tendencies. In showing their applicability I ...Continue reading

Sexual Harassment Sociology Essay


Sexual Harassment Sociology Essay1. Sexual harassment, stalking, and sexual abuse are forms of violence, assault and harassment that are committed to woman. However, that is their main point of convergence. Each affects different age ranges, and some even have a more equal occurrence to men and women. Nonetheless, most of these issues are new the research on criminality and as a result have several limitations.Official DataCriminal Harassment / Stalking according to official statistics as well Continue reading

Religion and Globalization Essay


Religion and Globalization EssayReligion, which Peter Berger used to describe as a “sacred canopy that covers all aspects of life” (Giddens, p. 534), is not as simple as it once was. Now many new religions and practices have evolved in this new world. Although many think that secularism is taking effect, people are actually becoming more and more religious as time progresses.The theory of secularization is seen almost like a threat to classical religion to some because it “is a Continue reading

McDonaldization Essay


McDonaldization EssayThe five characteristics of Ritzer's concept of McDonaldization can be seen throughout the every day life of any student on campus. The five characteristics being efficiency, calculability, predictability, control and the irrationality of rationality are seen from the first classes in the morning to the latest night lab. These characteristics are a very important part of today's society but they do have a effect on the freedom that the students living by them have be it for Continue reading

Mass Media, Politics, and Cynics Essay


Mass Media, Politics, and Cynics For several years the Mass Media was thought to have been the central hub of societies attitudes, values, behaviours and beliefs such that media impact was expected to be huge. Individual market researchers such as Paul Lazarsfeld (1948) and Bernard Berelson (1954) wrote books regarding people's choice and voting, and for decades believed that a consumer choice model dominated media expectations. They believed that consumer choice could reflect the effects of Continue reading